Afrim's Equipment Policy

We are getting some questions about what type of equipment is allowed at Afrim's Sports. Players who are not wearing shinguards and/or appropriate footwear will be asked to change or sit out of their game. Please read below to ensure you will not encounter any problems while playing at Afrim's Sports. **Shinguards are mandatory and referees will be enforcing this rule.**
These type of shoes ARE NOT allowed:

FG Shoe: A Firm Ground Shoe is the classic soccer shoe with cleats/studs designed to provide traction and stability on most natural grass, outdoor soccer fields. Firm Ground or molded cleats generally have a series of non-removable PU/TPU/rubber studs that are either bladed or conical in shape.
Example: (Not allowed)
FG/AG Hybrid: Firm Ground/Artificial Grass Hybrid Shoes are designed for acceleration on firm, natural surfaces and artificial grass with multiple cleat shapes and lengths. 
Example: (Not allowed)
SG/PSG: Soft Ground and Pro Soft Ground Soccer Shoes are created for soft ground play have longer cleats for added traction on wet, muddy fields. Often, soft ground cleats have metal-tipped and/or detachable studs. The studs on soft ground shoes are also usually varying lengths. Many soft ground boots with their exchangeable and removable studs can be customized for playing conditions and fields.
Example:(Not allowed)
AG/HG: Artificial Grass/Hard Ground Soccer shoe usually have a large number of short studs that are evenly distributed across the entire outsole. Artificial grass shoes are similar to firm ground cleats, just with a lot more studs that are shorter.
Example: (Not allowed)
Shoes Listed Below ARE Allowed:

Indoor Soccer Shoes: An indoor soccer shoe usually has a gum rubber flat outsole. They are created for playing indoor soccer or futsal in a gym or rec facility.
Example: (Recommended)
Turf Shoe: Turf shoes or turf boots usually have an extremely durable, rubber outsole. Artificial turf shoes have small rubber studs or patterns on the outsole to improve traction on hard, natural fields and artificial turf. Turf shoes are also great for soccer training and can be used as a back-up pair of shoes for play on hard surfaces.
Example: (Recommended)
Flat Bottom/Lifestyle/Running Shoes: These shoes have a durable rubber outsole, provide excellent cushioning and feature a breathable comfortable fit.
Example: (Allowed but not recommended, players may experience less grip on turf with these type of shoes)
If you still have any questions on what shoe to wear please email us at or call us at (518) 438-3131 and check out our ever-changing inventory for all your soccer needs at our Colonie Soccer Shop located at 636 Albany Shaker Road!

Click HERE For Rules for Afrim’s Sports’ League Play


  • Afrim’s Sports reserves the right to check rosters at any time.  Any game with a player found who is not listed on the team roster can be deemed as a forfeit.
  • Each player must purchase their Afrims Sports Membership BEFORE their first game and/or practice.
  • There is a Code of Conduct for all spectators, coaches, and participants at Afrim's Sports.  Afrim's Sports reserves the right to suspend, ban, or discipline anyone who behaves in a manner that Afrim's Sports deems unacceptable.
  • All red cards will be subject to review to determine the length of the suspension.  At a minimum, the recipient will be ejected from the game in which the card was given AND sit out the following game.  If a player is on more than one team, they may be suspended for one (1) week or longer, depending on the severity of the incident.

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