Youth Leagues

Indoor Leagues

  • Afrim’s Sports is centrally located and minutes from Albany, Bethlehem, Colonie, Clifton Park, Greenbush, Guilderland, Latham and Niskayuna.  We offer 3 indoor facilities with 12 grass-like turf fields.  A variety of leagues are offered from youth to adults for all levels of play. 
  • Afrim Sports offers well organized and competitive soccer leagues for all ages and abilities at our Colonie and Latham Facilities.  League play continues throughout the year.  Teams play 8 games per session.  Play days for your team will typically be the same each week; however, there are instances when we may have to schedule your game on an alternate play day.  Game times will vary from week to week. 
  • In the months of March - April, we host a six game Full Field (9v9) League that is played at our Latham Dome.  League play will not have a set schedule for weekly play dates.  We will do our best to accommodate every team that plays in the Full Field League.
Sessions Cost Games Play Period
Fall Youth League $325 6 Sept-Oct
Winter 1 $895 8 Nov-Dec
Winter 2 $895 8 Jan-Feb
Winter 3 $895 8 Mar-Apr
         Full Field          (U12+ 9v9 format) $1,395 6 Mar-Apr


  • 8 games per session / 6 games per session for Coed REC, Full Field or Fall sessions
  • All scheduling requests must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the league and are only good for the current session (ex. requests do not carry over to the next session unless specified by team captain). Any requests received after this time will be honored at the discretion of management.
  • Any team requesting to reschedule a game must do so at least 24 hours in advance!  We will do our best to accommodate each team however reschedules are not guaranteed and may result in a forfeit loss of 0-3!  NO SHOWS WILL BE CONSIDERED A FORFEIT!  *****If time/space is available to reschedule, the option to do so will be at the discretion of the team not requesting the initial change!*****
  • Afrim’s Sports reserves the right to check rosters at any time.  Any game with a player found who is not listed on the team roster can be deemed as a forfeit.
  • A $200 non-refundable deposit is required 1 week prior to the season start date.  The remaining balance of $695 is due by the second game of the session.
  • Teams may have a game on an alternate day or facility to keep leagues competitive.
  • Each player must purchase their Afrims Sports Membership BEFORE their first game and/or practice.
  • There is a Code of Conduct for all spectators, coaches, and participants at Afrim's Sports.  Afrim's Sports reserves the right to suspend, ban, or discipline anyone who behaves in a manner that Afrim's Sports deems unacceptable.
  • All red cards will be subject to review to determine the length of the suspension.  At a minimum, the recipient will be ejected from the game in which the card was given AND will be suspended for a minimum of one week.  If a player is on more than one team, they will be subject to miss all games for a period of one (1) week (minimum).  Abusive language will result in immediate ejection and a minimum suspension of 2 weeks.  Fighting will result in an automatic 8-week suspension at a minimum.  No refunds will be issued due to a suspension.

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Age / Division Play Date League Levels
6/8 Mixed - $495 - 4v4 Saturday 1,2 & REC
10 Boys - $795 - 7v7 Saturday 1,2,3 &  Coed REC
10 Girls - $795 - 7v7 Saturday 1,2,3 &  Coed REC
12 Boys - 7v7 Saturday 1,2,3 &  Coed REC
12 Girls - 7v7 Saturday 1,2,3 &  Coed REC
14 Boys Saturday 1,2,3 &  Coed REC
14 Girls Sunday 1,2,3 &  Coed REC
16 Boys Sunday 1,2,3 &  Coed REC
16 Girls Sunday 1,2,3 &  Coed REC
Highschool Boys Sunday 1,2,3,4
Highschool Girls Sunday 1,2,3,4

***Games may be played on alternate days to accomodate

team requests and facility demands***

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Levels Of Play

Premier (Level 1):
Premier & Strong Club Teams
Championship (Level 2):
Travel, Club, and Younger Teams Playing Up
League One (Level 3+):
Less Experienced Teams -or- Younger Teams Playing Up
Coed REC:
Very Little to No Experience -or- Teams with No Club Affiliation