Facility Rules

Facility Rules for League Play

(Different Rules May Apply to Tournaments)



Number of Players on the Field  

Ages Colonie & Latham Dome
U10’s & U12’s 6 +  keeper
U14 & Up 5 + keeper

  Using player’s not registered with us will constitute a forfeited game!

5 Goal Rule: Whenever a team is leading by 5 goals, the opposing team may add an additional player to make the game more competitive for both teams 

Kick Offs: Kickoffs are indirect and may be played forward or backward.

Goalkeepers: -Cannot hold the ball for more than 5 seconds                                                                            

                      -Cannot pick up the ball if intentionally played back by own team

                      -CAN now hit goal kicks, punts, dropkicks or throw the ball over midfield

Free Kicks: All free kicks are direct and defending team must be minimum of 5 yards away

Ball Exiting Field Of Play: Any ball that exits the playing field over the side line is a throw in.  Ball cannot be thrown directly into the goal on a restart.  Any illegal throw in results in the loss of possession.  Any ball that exits the field over the end line will be restarted by a goal kick or corner kick.  Goal kicks CAN be played over the midfield line in the air.  Any ball that strikes a net, light, ceiling, or beam within the confines of the field is out of play.  A direct kick restart will occur nearest where the ball hit.  Exception: Within the goal box, the ball is placed outside of the box for restart.

5 Foul Rule: If a team accumulates 5 fouls within a half, upon recieving the 6th foul, and every foul thereafter in the half, the offending team will play a person down for 2 minutes or until the opposition scores.

Substitutions:  Substitutions are guaranteed for either team on any “out of bounds” ball. On the fly substitutions may be done while the ball is in play.  Player entering the field must wait until player exiting has stepped off the field.  Violation of this rule could result in a 2 minute penalty (playing a person down).  Fouls are not guaranteed substitution since the opposing team may play the ball as soon as they wish.

Yellow Card:  All yellow cards will result in a man down situation for 2 minutes or until the opposition scores, whichever comes first.  A second yellow card in a game will equal a red card.  Four yellow cards in one session (6 or 8 week period) or two yellow cards in one tournament, and the player must sit out the next game.

Red Card:  All red cards will result in ejection and the player will sit out for the rest of the game AND the following game.  If the ejected player attempts to play the following week, then they will be suspended for an additional game.  On a red card the team will play a man down for 5 minutes even if goals are scored.  A second red card during one session or tournament and the player will sit out for the remainder of the session or tournament.  Any player who receives a red card for fighting during or after a game will be subject to a multiple game suspension at the discretion of Afrim’s Sports. 

Two Minute Penalty:  A two minute penalty can be assessed at the discretion of the referee for minor violations regardless of whether a yellow card is given.

Other Rules:  NO Slide Tackles... but sliding is allowed!  NO spitting, NO gum chewing, and NO ball kicking against any wall.  Fist fighting, swearing, and racial remarks will NOT be tolerated.  The referees and front desk staff have the right to suspend anyone from the facility at any time for this behavior.

**No Cleats Allowed**