2014 Halloween Candy Cup

2014 Division Breakdown

Friday, October 24th Saturday, October 25th Sunday, October 26th

Mens 6v6 at Colonie

U14 Girls 9v9 at the Dome

U14 Boys 9v9 at the Dome

Co-ed** 6v6 at Colonie

U8 Mixed 4v4 dual-sided at Colonie **$250/team**

U10 Girls 7v7 at Colonie

U10 Boys 7v7 at Colonie

U12 Girls 8v8 at the Dome

U12 Boys 8v8 at the Dome

Prizes for 1st and 2nd place!
All youth teams will receive a candy bag!

 **Co-ed requires 2 girls on the field at all times!

Tournament Fee: $295/Youth, $350/Adult

For more information, please call us at 518-438-3131 or e-mail us at afrimsports@gmail.com

Anyone who is NOT registered within the Afrim’s Sports’ registration waiver system accepts full liability for any injuries/accidents that may occur.