Are you looking to start playing on an adult soccer team?  Maybe we can help you find one!

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League Level Team Name Team Contact Contact’s Email Contact’s Phone # Date Posted
Men’s B 5 TBC Matthew Holupko 518-469-5230 08/27/18

**looking for field players for Fall (Sept-Oct) session**

Contact Info League Level Position Start Date
 Sharon Hoy-Tallman
Womens, Co-ed 5 Field June 2018
Dana Kowalchyk
Womens, Womens B/Moms 1-4 Field June 2018
Owen Hennigan
Mens A, Mens B, Co-ed 1-2 Field

“Recently graduated from SUNY-ESF where I played on the school team for 4 years. Looking to continue playing some fun competitive soccer.”

June 2018
Gayle Woods
Womens or Co-ed 1-4 Field June 2018
Lyn Okoth
Womens A 2-4 Field

“Looking for a semi-competitive soccer team to play on this summer. I am a college student who has played soccer for 3 years in high school and wanted to play again.”

June 2018
Nick Caruso
Co-ed 2-5 Field June 2018
Endri Xhyra
Mens A or B 2-3 Field June 21, 2018
Josh Shimkus
Mens B, Mens >30 3-4 Field

“Looking for a fun, semi-competitive team to get some cardio in during the week.”

July 2018
Henry Brosnan
Mens B 5 Field July 2018
Rob Mos
Mens B 3-4 Field

“Recent grad looking for a recreation team. Played up to Varsity HS level. Now play pickup games.”

July 2018
Nic Trianni
Coed 3-5 Field July 2018
Jake Kinne
Coed, Mens B 1-2 Field July 2018
Matin Abdul
Mens B or Womens 4 Field July 2018
Becky Miller
Coed or Womens 5 Field

“Beginner looking to play (not too competitive).”

July 2018
Robert Gerstman
Mens or Coed any Goal

“I played goalie for HVCC for 2 years so I have played at the college level but I’m just looking to play and have fun so I’ll play for anyone.”

July 2018
Mariah Kowalchyk
Coed or Womens 1-2 Field

“I am a section II champion from CCHS Troy and played with Capital United for 10 yrs as a defender along with MSUSC Mustangs for 5 yrs as an offender. I have skills training through the Coerver soccer training camp, Red Bulls Soccer Camp, and various other training programs.”

July 2018
Ray Zhang
Coed or Mens 1-2 Field

“Interested in joining a team for summer soccer practice/pick-up games/formal matches. Please hit me up if your team is looking for an efficient striker.”

July 2018
Alex Jones
Coed or Mens B 3-5 Field July 2018
Thomas Finn
Coed 3-4 Field or Goal July 2018
Nick Hitt
Coed 2 Field August 2018
Peter Muste
 Mens B 3-4 Goal  September 2018
Ross Davis
Coed, Mens A or Mens B 1-2 Field September 2018
Patrick Chenot
Coed or Mens A 3-5 Field ASAP
Will Beideman
Mens B 1-4 Field ASAP
Bethany Barry
Womens B/Moms, Coed 3-4 Field ASAP
Daryl Jeffrey
Mens B 5 Field ASAP
Justin Faller
Mens or Coed 3-5 Field

“Looking for a semi-competitive team to play on for the rest of the summer/fall. Have played all through high school and a bit in men’s/coed leagues in college. Can play anywhere on the field that I am need.”

August 2018
Ryan Larose
Coed (for him and his girlfriend), Mens >30 3-4 Field ASAP
Kris Dillmann
any 2-4 Field

“I played 4 years at Siena College graduating in 2007. Currently I am a bit out of shape but looking to just play as many minutes as my legs will allow week to week and hope to be in better shape come Spring time where I’d like to play in a Level 1 more competitive team.”

Wayne Murphy
Mens >30 3-4 Field ASAP
Anand Kalukuri
Coed or Mens B 3-4 Field August 2018
Michael Manna
Mens A or Mens B 1-2 Any ASAP
Rich Martino
Coed 3-4 Field

“Looking for a coed team that prioritizes having fun over winning, but plays to win. Played with HT Level 5 a few sessions ago. I’d prefer to play at a higher level. 3 yrs experience of D3 soccer.”

Adam Riemer
Coed, Mens B or Mens A 4 Field

“New to the area, would love to join a team and play some indoor and meet some new friends!”

Troy Meisner
Mens >30 3-4 Field ASAP
Joseph Abelardo
Coed, Mens A or Mens B 2-4 Field ASAP
Adam Wells
Mens A, Mens B or Coed 3-4 Any ASAP
Courtney Mogavero
Coed, Womens B, Womens A 5 Field ASAP
Sara NassrElgrgawi
Coed, Womens A 1-3 Field ASAP
Tubosun Osofisan
Coed or Mens B 1-4 Field ASAP
Kaitlyn Koch
Coed or Womens 3-5 Field

“Played all throughout childhood up through high school. Looking to get back into playing the game I love.”

Caroline Kirby
Coed or Womens 2 Field

“New to Albany looking for pick-up and organized soccer! Played in high school, have played pick-up and women’s league on and off since then.”

September 2018
Adam Augustyn
Mens or Coed 2-4 Field ASAP
Brendan Bathrick
Coed, Mens B or Mens >30 3-5 Field

“Played high school level, pickup in college, played on outdoor leagues through work and indoor soccer at Hudson Valley Sports Dome.”

September 14, 2018
Jamie Trudeau
Womens A, Womens B/Moms or Coed 3-5 Field September 2018
Junino Velasco
Coed or Mens 1-2 Field ASAP
David Paro
Coed or Mens B 3-5 Field September 18, 2018
Dylan Miller
Coed or Mens B 3-5 Field ASAP
Hannah Mumford
Coed 3-4 Field ASAP
Mainak Guha
Coed or Mens B 3-4 Field October 1, 2018


We also have HOUSE TEAMS available in our Co-ed and Men’s leagues in level 3 (moderately competitive) during our peak season (Nov-Apr) and level 5 (lowest level of competition) year round.  We offer House Teams in our Women’s leagues based on interest – please call our office at 518-438-3131 to check on availability or contact us.

The cost is $90/session and new Members will receive an Afrims t-shirt.  Maximum roster size = 12.  To register, please call our office at (518) 438-3131 or contact us.  We accept the first 12 paid players per team.  Co-ed House Teams are limited to the first 8 males and 4 females.

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