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League Level Team Name Team Contact Contact’s Email Contact’s Phone # Date Posted
Womens B/Moms Recreational Wolberg Electric Beth Flanigan (518) 573-2796 06-26-19

**looking for a goalie for Jul-Aug Summer Session**

Contact Info League Level Position Start Date
Edward Del Castillo
Coed, Mens or Mens >30 3-5 Field or Goal May 1, 2019
Emily Robert
Coed 3-4 Field

“Looking to join a team with Brandon Murdie.”

May 1, 2019
Brandon Murdie
Coed 3-4 Field

“Looking to join a team with Emily Robert.”

May 1, 2019
Jeff Keaty
Coed or Mens 3-4 Goal

“Played my whole life at several different levels. Just moved here from Boston and would like to continue to play 2-3 times/wk. Prefer GK but can play field too.”

May 3, 2019
Sean Sleicher
Coed 3-5 Field May 4, 2019
Ruth Piperata
Coed or Womens A 1-2 Field May 10, 2019
Andrew Slade
Coed or Mens 1-2 Field

“Looking for a competitive team. I’ve played both college and semi-pro for Vermont Voltage.”

May 8, 2019
Dominick Bashwinger
Coed or Mens 1-4 Field May 10, 2019
Vinny Santamarina
Coed or Mens 1-4 Field

“Just moved to Albany. I played throughout HS and some in college. Defender.”

May 17, 2019
Cory Kitto
Coed or Mens 3-5 Field

“Played soccer growing up, looking to play 1-2 times/wk. Would be willing to sub.”

May 28, 2019
Connor McGinn
Coed or Mens 1-4 Goal May 29, 2019
Sara NassrElgrgawi
Coed or Womens A 1-2 Field May 31, 2019
Ryan O’Leary
Coed or Mens 3-5 Goal

“40 years old (still reasonably athletic) and new to the area. Played goalie for both outdoor and indoor the last few years.”

June 3, 2019
Jaz Sims
Coed, Womens A or B 1-2 Field June 5, 2019
Vidya Avadhanam
Coed or Womens B 3-4 Field or Goal June 10, 2019
Chaz Anestos
Mens 3-4 Field

“Just relocated to Albany. 29 years old. Played HS/some rec in college and have been playing on and off since.”

June 12, 2019
Courtney Budelman
Coed, Womens A or B 3-4 Field

“Looking for a summer league. I played soccer for years until college and then played intramurals.”

June 12, 2019
Michael Macrae
Mens 3-4 Field June 13, 2019
Aisha Minhas
Womens B 5 Field

“Played recreationally in Junior High.”

June 17, 2019
Erica J. Griffin
Coed 3-5 Field or Goal June 21, 2019
Nicole Zimmer
Coed or Womens 1-5 Field

“I play lax in college at RPI, but miss my HS glory days of soccer. Have played every position, but primarily defender.”

June 19, 2019
Joaquim Soares
Mens 1-2 Field June 26, 2019
Lisa Reittinger
Coed 3-4 Field June 29, 2019
Bronwyn Perez
Coed or Womens B/Moms 5 Field

“Played in a league in elementary school. Recently played in 2 sessions at Afrims. I’m an avid runner and am excited to keep improving!”

July 1, 2019
Karen Kellogg
Coed or Womens B/Moms 5 Field July 1, 2019
Juan Santana
Coed or Mens 1-4 Field July 5, 2019
Devery Farrell
Coed or Mens 3-5 Field or Goal

“I am just looking to sub for any team in need.”

July 7, 2019
Rosie Baston (Scharf)
Coed or Womens A 1-4 Field

“I played Varsity all 4 years of HS and a little in the Air Force recreationally.”

July 12, 2019
Sam Daniel
Mens 1-2 Field

“Played high level college at Le Moyne and NPSL with experience of professional.”

July 22, 2019
Christian Kilmer
Mens 3-4 Field

“Looking for a few games to get in shape for upcoming college season/club team.”

July 25, 2019
Brian Botsford
Mens 1-4 Field July 25, 2019
Rowan Johnson
Coed, Womens A, Womens B 3-5 Field

“Played from age 6 until HS where I was on travel teams, both indoor and outdoor, until intramurals in college.”

July 25, 2019
Amber Baran
Womens A or Womens B 1-4 Field or Goal July 27, 2019
Don Rodgers
Coed or Mens 3-5 Field July 29, 2019
Melissa Ryder
Womens B 3-4 Field July 31, 2019
Greg Fry
Coed, Mens or Mens >30 5 Field

“I have not played in a few years but am looking to get back into playing on a more regular basis. Moved to the area a year ago and want to find a fun team.”

August 6, 2019
Andrea Dobo
Womens A 3-5 Field August 29, 2019
David Pynchon
Coed or Mens B 1-4 Field August 11, 2019
Alexis Huff
Coed, Womens A and Womens B 1-5 Field

“Just finished my last season for college last year. Looking to continue playing.”

Vito Nicastri
Coed or Mens B 5 Field August 8, 2019
Taylor Jewett
Coed or Womens A 3-4 Field August 13, 2019
Adam Galiard
Coed, Mens or Mens >30 3-4 Field August 13, 2019
Olivia Brodie
Womens A 3-4 Field August 19, 2019
Justin Palermo
Mens B or Mens >30 1-5 Goal

“Play college soccer at SUNY New Paltz, professionally with NY Fury and Central Park Rangers FC, US Beach Soccer National Team and professional beach soccer with Hampton Roads BSC (Virginia).”

August 20, 2019
Sierra Propper
Coed Field 3-4 August 21, 2019
Janine Turcio
Coed Field 1-4

“Played my entire life and in college (D2).”

August 22, 2019
Jim O’Leary
Coed, Mens B or Mens >30 Field 5

“High enthusiasm. Low skill.”

Michael Wilson
Coed or Mens 1-4 Field August 23, 2019
Abdul Fall
Coed 1-2 Field

“Student at U Albany.”

August 26, 2019
Dan Harris
Coed or Mens 3-4 Field August 28, 2019
Peter Muste
Mens 3-4 Goal

“Lost previous team; looking for a recreational level team.”

August 30, 2019
Kelsey VanAlstyne
Coed or Women’s B/Moms 3-4 Field September 1, 2019
Taylor Florio
Coed 1-4 Field September 2, 2019
Cyrus Corsetti
Coed or Mens 1-4 Field September 8, 2019
Elijah Ruoff
Coed or Mens 1-4 Field September 9, 2019

We also have HOUSE TEAMS available in our Co-ed and Men’s leagues in level 3 (moderately competitive) during our peak season (Nov-Apr) and level 5 (lowest level of competition) year round.  We offer House Teams in our Women’s leagues based on interest – please call our office at 518-438-3131 to check on availability or contact us.

The cost is $90/session and new Members will receive an Afrims t-shirt.  Maximum roster size = 12.  To register, please call our office at (518) 438-3131 or contact us.  We accept the first 12 paid players per team.  Co-ed House Teams are limited to the first 8 males and 4 females.

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