Are you looking to start playing on an adult soccer team?  Maybe we can help you find one!

To get your information posted please fill out the form. Your information will remain on this site for 3 months unless you specify otherwise. If you end up finding a team, please contact us us to remove your information from the list.


League Level Team Name Team Contact Date Posted
Men’s >30 2 Knick91 Chris Kirms
December 2017

**looking for a few players for January-February session**

Co-ed 5 Lowered Expectations

Bridget Mooney

February 2018

**looking for two players*


Contact Info League Level Position Start Date
Molly Gruss
Co-ed, Womens A 3-4 Field Jan 2018
Jen Capello
Co-ed 3-4 Field Jan 2018
Lucas Ord
Co-ed, Mens A, Mens B 3-4 Goal Jan 2018
Jesse Phillips
Co-ed, Mens A, Mens B 1-2 Field

“Very interested in joining a team, if anyone had availability please text or email me.”

Jan 2018
Jeff Brock
Co-ed, Mens A, Mens B 3-4 Field Jan 2018
Cassie Blunt
Womens A 1-2 Field Jan 2018
Annalisa Greco
Co-ed 3-4 Field Jan 2018
Alek Fisher
Men>30, Co-ed 3-4 Field, Goal

“What do I need for playing? Friday and weekend games would be the best option for me because I am in college, also if possible I would like co ed.”

Jan 2018
Mikenzie Jock
Co-ed 3-4 Field

“Plays Defense”

Jan 2018
Carlos Camacho
Co-ed, Mens A, Mens B, Mens>30 1-2 Field Jan 2018
Paul Wheeler
Co-ed 3-4 Field, Goal

“I can also play up to Level 3 Coed in Field or in Goal.”

Jan 2018
Sayra Gordillo
Co-ed, Womens A 3-4 Field

“Looking for a team, just moved from California”

Jan 2018
Francisco Ungaro
Co-ed, Mens A, Mens B 1-2 Field Feb 2018
Endri Xhyra
Co-ed 3-4 Goal Feb 2018
Beau Dipace
Co-ed, Mens B 3-4 Field Feb 2018
Jennifer Westbrook
Co-ed, Womens A 3-4 Field Feb 2018
Ali Albaker
Coed, Mens>30 1-3 Field March 2018
Ryan Larochelle
Mens, Co-ed Field March 2018
Karl Power
Mens >30, Mens A, Mens B 1-2 Field March 2018
Dan H.
Co-ed, Men’s A 1-3 Field March 2018

We also have HOUSE TEAMS available in our Co-ed and Men’s leagues in level 3 (moderately competitive) during our peak season (Nov-Apr) and level 5 (lowest level of competition) year round.  We offer House Teams in our Women’s leagues based on interest – please call our office at 518-438-3131 to check on availability or contact us.

The cost is $90/session and new Members will receive an Afrims t-shirt.  Maximum roster size = 12.  To register, please call our office at (518) 438-3131 or contact us.  We accept the first 12 paid players per team.  Co-ed House Teams are limited to the first 8 males and 4 females.

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  • Coed, Mens A, Womens B/Moms, Mens B, Mens >30 or Womens A
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