We will be holding our annual Turkey Shootout on Fri, Nov 27th – Sun, Nov 29th.

Will you be one of this year’s contenders?

2020 Division Breakdown

Fri, Nov 27th Sat, Nov 28th Sun, Nov 29th

Men’s A- 6 V 6

Men’s B- 6 V6

Men’s Over 30- 6 V 6

Men’s Over 40- 6 V 6

U8 Co-Ed- 4 V4 Dual Sided

U10 Boys A, B, C- 7 V 7

U 10 Girls A, B, C- 7 V 7

U 12 Boys A, B, C- 7 V 7

U 12 Girls A, B, C- 7 V 7

High School Girls A, B, C- 6 V 6

Adult Co-Ed- 6 V 6

U14 Boys A, B, C- 6 V 6

U14 Girls A, B, C- 6 V 6

U 16 Boys A, B, C- 6 V 6

U16 Girls A, B, C- 6 V 6

High School Boys A, B, C- 6 V 6

Anyone who is NOT registered within the Afrim’s Sports’ registration waiver system accepts full liability for any injuries/accidents that may occur.

It’s Easy to Sign Up!


All the Details!

Tournament Fee: U8:$350 U9-Adult: $400
Guaranteed 4 games minimum!
Prizes for 1st and 2nd place!
Co-ed requires 2 girls on the field at all times!

Safety Precautions!

  • All Tournaments will consist of 4 teams. There will be only one tournament in a building at a time.
  • All teams will play 4 consecutive games, with the final game for the championship or consolation.
  • Candy will be separated into individual bags.
  • Bleachers will be sanitized between tournaments.
  • Minimum 30 minutes between tournaments to allow all teams to exit before new teams enter the building.
  • Teams may not enter the facility until 5 minutes before their first game.
  • 1 spectator permitted per player.

Afrim’s COVID Indoor policy

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