We will be holding our annual Turkey Shootout on Fri, Nov 27th – Sun, Nov 29th.

Will you be one of this year’s contenders?

2020 Division Breakdown

Fri, Nov 27th Sat, Nov 28th Sun, Nov 29th

Men’s A- 6 V 6

Men’s B- 6 V6

Men’s Over 30- 6 V 6

Men’s Over 40- 6 V 6

U8 Co-Ed- 4 V4 Dual Sided

U10 Boys A, B, C- 7 V 7

U 10 Girls A, B, C- 7 V 7

U 12 Boys A, B, C- 7 V 7

U 12 Girls A, B, C- 7 V 7

High School Girls A, B, C- 6 V 6

Adult Co-Ed- 6 V 6

U14 Boys A, B, C- 6 V 6

U14 Girls A, B, C- 6 V 6

U 16 Boys A, B, C- 6 V 6

U16 Girls A, B, C- 6 V 6

High School Boys A, B, C- 6 V 6

Anyone who is NOT registered within the Afrim’s Sports’ registration waiver system accepts full liability for any injuries/accidents that may occur.

It’s Easy to Sign Up!

Registration now open!

All the Details!

Tournament Fee: U8:$350 U9-Adult: $400
Guaranteed 4 games minimum!
Prizes for 1st and 2nd place!
Co-ed requires 2 girls on the field at all times!

Safety Precautions!

  • Effective immediately, face masks are required to be worn at all times by all players and coaches while INDOORS, including while participating in any practices, game play or clinic activities. No exceptions
  • All Tournaments will consist of 4 teams. There will be only one tournament in a building at a time.
  • All teams will play 4 consecutive games, with the final game for the championship or consolation.
  • Bleachers will be sanitized between tournaments.
  • Minimum 30 minutes between tournaments to allow all teams to exit before new teams enter the building.
  • Teams may not enter the facility until 5 minutes before their first game.
  • 1 spectator permitted per player.

Afrim’s COVID Indoor policy

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