Afrim’s Sports offers well organized and competitive soccer leagues for all ages and abilities. League play occurs throughout the year, and new sessions begin every two months. Teams play eight games per session. Game nights for your team will typically be the same each week; however, there are instances when we may have to schedule your game on an alternate day (ex. Co-ed game on a Tuesday instead of Monday). Game times will vary from week to week as we do our best to give everyone the same amount of early and late games each session. Generally, registration closes 7 days before the league start date but varies depending on capacity and demand per league. Schedules are generally released 2-5 days before the league start date. All rostered players will receive a game reminder email 2 days prior to their game, detailing the game time and location.

Adult Play Days Winter Session

League Play Day Approx. Times Start Dates
Co-ed Mondays/Tuesdays 8pm-11pm Monday, March 1st

Tuesday, March 2nd

Women’s B Wednesdays 8pm – 10pm Wednesday, March 3rd
Men’s A & B Wednesdays/Thursdays 8pm – 11pm Wednesday, March 3rd

Thursday, March 4th

Men’s Over 40 Sundays (AM) 9am-1pm Sunday, March 7th
Women’s A Sundays (PM) 5pm-10pm Sunday, March 7th

League House Teams Available (for players who do not have a team):
Co-ed Level 5, Women’s B/Moms, and Men’s B Level 5

Level Breakdown
Level 1: Teams are the highest level and are very competitive. These teams often have individuals with college or professional soccer playing experience.
Level 2-3: Teams are moderately competitive. These players have typically played in high school or college and continued playing recreationally.
Level 4: Teams are recreational. These players are beginners or those with some soccer playing experience.
Level 5: Teams are recreational. These players are beginners or those with little or no soccer playing experience.

Fee: $995/team + valid Afrim’s Sports’ Membership and up-to-date Waiver on file for all players
Format: 6v6 (5 players + goalie) 6 player minimum. Each game is two 25 minutes halves.

Each team is guaranteed 8 games!

When was the Last Time Afrim’s Sports Raised it’s Prices?

Afrim’s Sports last increased its Adult league prices ten years ago, in 2009. Youth league prices increased from $895 to $995 this past November 2019. Over the past decade, Afrim’s Sports has introduced many new features and improvements at all Afrim’s Sports facilities across the Capital Region. Here are a few highlights of some of these improvements:
  • Construction of the Bethlehem Dome in February 2015
  • Construction of the Afrim’s Sportspark in January 2019
  • Upgraded seating at all facilities
  • Structural improvements to the lobbies at Afrim’s Colonie and Afrim’s Latham
  • Increased employment by 50% to accommodate additional facilities
  • Increased referee compensation by 25% since September 2019
Please be assured Afrim’s Sports has made every effort to keep this increase to a minimum and we greatly appreciate your continued business and support through this time of growth and change.

House Teams

Afrim’s Sports specializes in finding teams for individuals. If you’re an individual who wants to get in the game & meet new friends, we have a spot for you! Just send us an email! Once you sign up as a Free Agent, we’ll work to find a spot for you on an existing team, or if we have enough individuals, we’ll make a new team. Many of our long time players started out in Afrim’s as Free Agents placed on teams. Afrim’s Sports places people, to the best of its ability, individuals on a “first come, first serve” basis. We are not always able to place all individuals. In the event that we are unable to place you, we will give you the options of transferring to another league, an Afrim’s credit toward a future league or a full refund. House Teams are limited to the first 12 players ($100/player). Only payment in full guarantees your spot!


  • All scheduling requests (including no play dates) must be submitted at the time of registration and are only good for the current session (ex. requests do not carry over to the next session unless specified by team captain). Any requests received after this time will be honored at the discretion of management and based on our availability.
  • Any team requesting to reschedule a game must do so at least 24 hours in advance! We will do our best to accommodate each team however reschedules are not guaranteed and may result in a forfeit loss (0-3)! NO SHOWS WILL BE CONSIDERED A FORFEIT! If time/space is available to reschedule, the option to do so will be at the discretion of the team not requesting the initial change!
  • Afrim’s Sports reserves the right to check rosters at any time. Any game with a player found who is not listed on the team roster can be deemed as a forfeit.
  • A $200 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of registration for all new teams. The remaining balance of $795 is due by the start of the second game of the session.
  • Teams may have a game on an alternate day or facility to keep leagues competitive and schedules balanced for everyone.
  • Each player must purchase their Afrims Sports Membership BEFORE their first game and/or practice.
  • There is a Code of Conduct for all spectators, coaches, and participants at Afrim’s Sports. Afrim’s Sports reserves the right to suspend, ban, or discipline anyone who behaves in a manner that Afrim’s Sports deems unacceptable.
  • All red cards will be subject to review to determine the length of the suspension. At a minimum, the recipient will be ejected from the game in which the card was given AND sit out the following game. If a player is on more than one team, they may be suspended for one (1) week or longer, depending on the severity of the incident. Please see Rules for League Play for more information.
    • The decision to postpone a game due to inclement weather is typically made as close to the game’s scheduled start time as possible. Afrim’s Sports will closely monitor the weather situation all day leading up to the game. Typically, unless there is a State of Emergency, teams should plan to play the game as scheduled. Every effort to play each game on the day it was originally scheduled should be made.
    • Coaches and team managers are NOT allowed to declare “advance” weather cancellations.
      • As weather forecasts are not always accurate, we will not accept requests for reschedules due to inclement weather unless the storm has started.
    • If a team cancels a game and Afrim’s Sports is still open, we will make every attempt to makeup the game. However, due to field availability, coordinating with other teams and other factors, we may not be able to reschedule all canceled games.
    • If Afrim’s Sports cancels games due to inclement weather, games will be rescheduled and must be played accordingly. This may result in a double header or an alternate play day for your team.
      • Due to limited availability, if your team cannot make the rescheduled date/time, this will result in a forfeit loss (0-3) for your team.
    • Due to rapidly changing weather conditions and in keeping with our desire to minimize the total number of weather cancellations, advance notice of weather cancellations may not always be possible.
      • We will try to post cancellations in advance as much as possible.
        • Afrim’s Sports will send out an email to all players who have subscribed to emails on the current roster and will make every attempt to reach your team captain via phone.
        • Please check our website and Facebook page for updates as well.

*Have more questions? Contact Us.

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Skeptical about wearing a mask while playing?

Check out what some of our current players had to say about it!

I’ve been playing at Afrims since they reopened and I’ve worn, and continue to wear, a mask while playing. I was initially apprehensive with the idea of running around with a mask on, but shockingly it ended up being okay! Now I hardly even notice it during games. They have made a lot of masks specially designed for working out that are great, as well as mask brackets which make wearing a mask while breathing hard much more comfortable. If wearing a mask is what’s needed to continue playing then, speaking from experience, I’m all for it!


Playing in this indoor session at Afrim’s has certainly been different than any other, but it has still been a fun and safe experience. The mask policy has been strictly enforced and they have limited the amount of people in the facility during games. Playing soccer in a mask hasn’t been as difficult as I originally thought, and everyone is respectful of each other and of the rules that have been put in place.


Adult League Session Winners

Fall 2017 Champions