General Information

ALL players participating in Afrim’s Sports’ youth or adult leagues and/or multiple long-term rentals will be required to purchase a Membership. The Membership fee is currently $15.

To purchase your membership, log into your MySAM account then click on Purchase Membership! on the bottom right hand corner of the page. Also, if you have not already done so, please take this opportunity to complete your online waiver (or download it here) as this will be required of you in order to participate in our programs.

ID Membership Requirements

Purchase your Membership online, over the phone or at our either Afrim’s Sports’ office.

We strongly recommend that you purchase your Membership at least a week prior to arriving at Afrim’s Sports for your event. Purchasing your Membership at the Colonie office may require you to wait for the process to be completed. No participant will be allowed to play without a Membership.

Each Member will receive a wristband that must be presented to the referee, instructor or director prior to the start of the event if asked. Checks will be done at random. Please think of the Membership as part of the essential equipment you will need to play.

Insurance Information

Afrim Sports’ sports-specific insurance coverages are provided through the USIndoor Soccer Association Insurance Program. These coverages include participant accident (Excess Medical) coverage. The Participant Accident (PA) coverage is provided to all registered members of Afrim Sports while participating in athletic activities at any of Afrim Sports’ locations. The PA coverage is a supplemental medical coverage and is not meant to replace individual or family health insurance.

The insurance coverage program is administered through Monument Sports and Bollinger Insurance. Bollinger Insurance insures Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association and many other State Youth Soccer Associations.

Afrim Sports will provide a Certificate of Insurance document to those clubs looking for further information as to types and limits of coverage.

Please contact us if you have questions regarding the coverages or rules of eligibility.

Afrim’s Sports Certificate
Eastern New York Youth Soccer Certificate

Membership FAQ’s

The Membership is something that all players are required to have to participate in Afrim’s Sports leagues and multiple long-term rentals. Upon completion of a waiver and paying the membership fee, each player’s information is entered into our system and the Membership is issued.

The annual fee for adult leagues is $15 per player for an individual membership.

The annual fee for youth leagues and youth programs is $35 per player for an individual membership.

Our operating costs have significantly increased over the past 10 years and our prices have not. Rather than continuously raising our league and program fees to keep up with the rising operating costs, we have implemented a Membership fee to help defray a portion of the increased costs to continue to provide quality leagues and programs. Examples of increased operating costs include ongoing facility maintentance and improvements, new turf, new outdoor field and our league management system (MySAM).

All players and participants of any Afrim’s Sports league or multiple long-term rental. Each player or participant will be required to have a Membership before being allowed to play in any league or rental. The Membership will help enforce roster regulations and help track ejected and banned players and help provide a safer and more organized league.

Youth League memberships expire on August 31st.

Adult league memberships expire one year from date of purchase.

Memberships can be purchased using MySAM (fastest and easiest way), in person at an Afrim’s Sports location or by phone 518-438-3131.  Players will not be allowed to play without a valid Membership.  Memberships need to be purchased BEFORE arriving at your first game or rental.

Yes. However, each guest is still required to pay the Membership fee. This will enable them to come back anytime throughout the year.

Thank you for your loyalty. The Membership fee is a price increase for ALL Players and it costs loyal, multi-season players much less annually than a company wide price increase would.

Member Benefits