We will be holding our annual Holiday Tournament on Sunday, Dec 26th – Saturday, Jan 1st.

Will you be one of this year’s contenders?

Sunday, December 26th Monday, December 27th Tuesday, December 28th Wednesday, December 29th Thursday, December 30th Saturday, January 1st

Men’s – 6 V 6 (Afternoon) 

U8 4v4 dual-sided (morning)

U 10 Girls A, B, C- 7 V 7 (Morning)

U10 Boys A, B, C- 7 V 7 (Afternoon)

U 12 Girls  A, B, C- 7 V 7 (Morning)

U 12 Boys     A, B, C- 7 V 7 (Afternoon)

U14 Boys A, B, C- 6 V 6 (Morning)

U14 Girls A, B, C- 6 V 6 (Afternoon) 

U16 Girls A, B, C- 6 V 6 (Morning)

U16 Boys A, B, C- 6 V 6 (Morning)

High School Girls A,B,C 6V6 (Afternoon)

High School Boys A,B,C 6V6 (Afternoon)

CoEd – 6 V 6 (Afternoon)


It’s Easy to Sign Up!

Registration Now Open!

All the Details!

Tournament Fee: U8-$350 U10-Adult $400
Guaranteed 4 games minimum!
Prizes for 1st and 2nd place!
Co-ed requires 2 girls on the field at all times!




In accordance with the NYS guidelines, Face coverings are required to be worn at all times by EVERYONE regardless of vaccination status while on the premises. That includes while participating in game play.


2022 Champions