Youth Programs FAQ

General Questions 

Can I join a class in the middle of the session?

You are more than welcome to sign up your child at any point during the session as long as the class has room.  We would prorate the cost of the class so you would only be paying for the remaining classes from when you signed up.


What should my Kids wear?

Afrim’s Sports provides a uniform with every $35 annual membership paid.  We suggest that the children wear the uniform to class but do not require it. What every child is most comfortable in is best.  Children of all ages can wear sneakers or turf shoes. For children 5 and up we require shin guards to be worn.



How many children per class?

For most classes we cap the class at 12 children per coach.  The peewee class we cap the class at 8 children per coach to help with the transition from parent participation. 




What is the difference between a Peewee and Tykes class?

Peewee class is a smaller class to help focus on transitioning away from parent participation. If you are just joining the program the Peewees class can be helpful if the child is often shy or has never done anything apart from their parents before. 





What is the difference between a Tykes and Turbo Tykes class?

 The difference between Tykes and a Turbo Tykes class is the pace of the class.  A Turbo Tykes class will go a slightly faster pace than a Tykes class.




What is the difference between a Super Heroes and a Go2Goal Rookies class?

No props are used for the Go2Goal classes, focus is on learning the game of soccer.  Go2Goal classes are still for rec level players to be introduced to soccer but with the soccer ball at their feet the whole time.





Can I sign up online?

Yes, you can sign up online with your Afrim’s Sports Dash Account.  If you are unsure of your password you can call (518)438-3131 and the host at the front desk can send you a password reset email. 

If you do not have a Dash account already you can click on the Lock icon at the top right of the screen and create an account.





Policy Questions 

What if I can’t make it to one of my classes?

You can come to a make up class.  We just ask that you give us a call at (518)438-3131 to confirm the class has room. 







Can I drop my child off for class?

No, we ask that parents stay on sight during classes. 








Can I register my child for just one class?

No, you must register for the remaining classes during the session. We do offer free trial classes.









How does the trial class work?

A parent calls to schedule a trial class with a class that has availability.  If the child enjoys the class the parents can pay for that class and the remaining classes for the session.  If the child is not ready to participate in class yet there is no commitment.










Can we come on any day?

No, unfortunately you have to sign up for a specific day a week. You can do a make up any day of the week if you can not make your specific class. 













What does a Mites (18 month-old) class look like?

During our Mites and Mighty Mites classes we introduce the sport of soccer but our main focus is developing balance and fine motor skills to help grow the child into a soccer player.  During the class parents will participate in variou activities that are guided by their coach, using props such as hoops, balloons, noodles, cones, and soccer balls to keep the children engaged. 



If my child is struggling in a class without parents on the field, such as Peewees or Tykes, is it okay for me to be on the field to help my child?

We ask that parents not go on the field.  We will allow parents to sit on the end line with their child and encourage them as they play the games on the field.  





How long are the classes?

Each class is 50 minutes long. 







How long are the sessions?

For our Winter, Spring, and Fall classes the sessions are 13 weeks long. The Summer Session is 10 weeks long. 

There are a few days that will be 12 weeks during the Winter, Spring and Fall depending on when holidays fall. 








What are the child-to-coach ratios for each class?

For most of our classes we try to max out the class at 12.  If there are more kids then 12 we will add an additional coach to that class. For the Peewees (3 year old beginners) class we max it out at 8 to ensure that the children in this age are listening and getting the attention they need to separate from their parents playing with them. 










I think my child is advanced.  Can I move him up to the next level even if he is not old enough?

For safety reasons we ask that all players stay in their correct level.  We not only want to make sure that everyone is safe but also don’t want the kids who are age appropriate for the class don’t feel like they have to hold back to prevent from injuring others in the class.




When is my child ready for a Go2Goal class?

If your child has expressed interest in playing soccer and not longer wants to play with the hoops and noodles during class your child is ready for Go2Goal. If your child is interested in scrimmaging and wants to use their feet they are ready for a Go2Goal class





When should my child move up to the next level?

The first question to ask is, is your child old enough to move up to the next level?  If the answer to that question is yes then the next question to ask yourself is the child bored or moving faster than the other kids in their class?  If the answer is yes to that then yes you should definitely move your child up. If you are unsure you can always ask your coach and they will let you know what they suggest. 




Even if my child is not old enough can he/she be put in the same class as their sibling?

For safety reasons we ask that all players stay in their correct level.  We not only want to make sure that everyone is safe but also don’t want the kids who are age appropriate for the class don’t feel like they have to hold back to prevent from injuring others in the class. 





My child’s coach last session was amazing!  Can I request to have them again for next session?

Yes you can request your coach from a previous session.  It is not a guarantee that you will receive that coach for your class but we will do our best!