Afrim’s Sports is pleased to announce the 9th Annual Women’s Outdoor 7v7 Soccer League at Nott Road, starting Tuesday, June 5, 2018!

League fee is $90/player + valid Afrim’s Sports’ Membership ($15/annual fee) + current waiver on file (only good for 1 year). The registration fee is a flat fee for all players, no matter how many games each player is playing and/or missing, NO “splitting” the cost with another player. Each team must have 10 players minimum on their roster (no max roster size) prior to start of season. Games will be played on Tuesdays AND/OR Thursdays at either 6:00pm or 7:00pm. This means teams may play up to 2 times per week, unless your team is scheduled for a BYE. Each player will receive automatic game reminder e-mails 2 days before each game (if subscribed to our emails).

No persons may be added to any roster after Tuesday, June 26th (3 weeks after league start date). Roster additions must be submitted to Players can only play on ONE team in any given division. Example: Jane can play on 1 team in the A division AND 1 team in the B division, but NOT on 2 teams in the A division or 2 teams in the B division.

The minimum number of players allowed to start a game is 5. If team has less than 5 players at the start of the game, it will be recorded as a 0-3 forfeit loss. If a team wants to forfeit, players from other teams can be asked in order to field enough players (this must be decided before the game begins). In the event of a forfeit, the teams may scrimmage among themselves. Forfeits will NOT be rescheduled. **If your team forfeits 3 games due to a lack of players, then your team will be removed from the schedule. No refunds will be given.**

Please have your team bring 2 colors to each game (ex: white t-shirt and black t-shirt). Most teams do wear matching t-shirts or uniforms. If your team is looking to buy t-shirts or uniforms we have a large selection at our soccer shop! We can help your team find a uniform at an affordable price (#518-438-3131 x3).

RAIN OUTS: If Nott Road is closed due to inclement weather; games may be moved indoors to Afrim’s Sports Colonie, Latham or Bethlehem if there is field availability. If games are moved indoors, the format will change from 7v7 to 6v6 to accommodate the smaller playing field. If any game is rescheduled to alternate day/time, teams are required to play make-ups as scheduled or accept a forfeit loss of 0-3. Team captains will be notified by phone and we will e-mail each team of any changes. This is also why it is important that every player is listed on your roster. In the event that your team captain is unavailable or out of town, we will still be able to contact other players on your team via e-mail.

Each player must sign the Afrim’s Sports waiver, have a valid membership and have an up-to-date photo in our system in order to play in the league – this includes any substitutes/guest players you may be using. Referees will be checking rosters and player cards before each game. Any person who is unpaid, has not signed a waiver, does not have an up to date membership, or does not have a player card on file will NOT BE PERMITTED TO PLAY. Any substitute/guest player who shows up to Nott Road without properly acquiring a guest player pass will NOT BE PERMITTED TO PLAY. Substitute/guest player passes cost $10 and must be paid no later than 4:30pm on game day at Afrim’s Sports Colonie at 636 Albany Shaker Rd. Albany, NY 12211. Each guest player pass is only good for 1 game and will be added to the team’s player cards for that date only. If any un-rostered player shows up to play and gives the referee a fake name, they will be banned from Afrim’s Sports’ league play indefinitely. They will also be banned from the league if they try to re-use their guest player pass, as passes are good for only 1 game.

Please keep in mind that there are no water fountains at Nott Road. Teams must bring their own drinks and ice (if needed for injuries) themselves as this will not always be provided by Afrim’s Sports. If there is an Afrim’s Sports’ representative present at the fields, water and/or ice may be available (look for the truck typically in between Fields 1 and 3).

All players must wear shin guards and will NOT be allowed to play without them. Cleats are allowed, but no metal cleats or spikes will be permitted.

We thank you for your cooperation and look forward to a fun and successful outdoor season!

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2018 Details

Congratulations to our 2017 League Champions!

A Division Champions: FIT[ish]
Finalists: Cap U Wash Ups (not pictured)

B Division Champions: Little to the Left
Finalists: Otis Day & The Knights (not pictured)