For indoor, small sided play, 5 players and 1 goalie for all indoor leagues are required except U12 and under is 6 players and a goalie. Our Moms league may use 6 players and 1 goalie if both teams agree.

For outdoor co-ed, women’s, and men’s, 6 players and 1 goalie are required.

For outdoor over 30 & over 40 10 players and 1 goalies are required.

Yes, certain cleats are allowed at all of our facilities. Appropriate footwear includes indoor soccer shoes, turf shoesflat bottom/lifestyle/running shoes, firm ground shoe, artificial grass/hard ground soccer shoe, and firm ground/artificial grass hybrid shoes. No soft ground or pro soft ground soccer shoes will be permitted.

Yes. There are several reasons for this. Our insurance requires our teams to have complete rosters. Also, it helps when organizing divisions to know ages and helps to ensure that all players have a valid Afrim’s Sports’ waiver on file. Waivers are only valid for 1 year from the date it is signed. Each player will have to complete a new waiver each year, either online through your MySAM account or in person at either facility.

Within MySAM, you will see an option to “invite” players. All you need is their e-mail addresses to invite them.

Yes. Part of our COVID-19 protocol requires all players to check in before stepping on the field for EVERY GAME.

Full payment of a team fee shows commitment to playing the full season and helps decrease the chance of having to re-do a schedule for a team dropping due to lack of players, inability to pay the fee, etc.

We value your feedback and concerns. If you have a complaint about your experience with us, whether it be a referee, rule, opponent, etc., please email us at afrimsports@gmail.com. We’ll research the situation and respond to you in a timely fashion.

In almost every case, we will defend a referee’s call on the field. We do not want to be making calls from the office. The referee’s number one job at Afrim’s Sports is safety. The technical rules come second. We don’t want anyone getting hurt and you should have fun at Afrim’s Sports. If the referee called you for a foul, it was because they thought play needed to be stopped and your play needed to be addressed. Please respect our referees and everyone will have fun. If you disrespect a referee, you will be ejected.

At a minimum, you will have to sit out the rest of the game in which the red card was given AND the following game.  All red cards will be subject to review to determine the length of the suspension.  If a player is on more than one team, they may be suspended for one (1) week or longer, depending on the severity of the incident.  If you were issued a red card because you were fist-fighting, you may be suspended for several weeks or even a lifetime band depending upon the severity of the situation.

Paying a $200 deposit is confirmation the registration is legitimate & helps decrease the chances of a team not-showing the first week.

No one likes forfeits. When a team shows up for a game, they want an opponent. We hope by incorporating strict forfeit policies that it will minimize the chance a team forfeits when they’re short a player, when the weather is iffy, they don’t like the game time that week, etc. Hopefully teams will make that extra effort to show up knowing a forfeit score of 3-0 will count towards their standings.

INDIVIDUAL Registrations will be grouped together and placed on a House Team or on an existing Team that needs additional players. If we are able to form a House Team, or place you on an existing Team, you will receive an email or phone call with instructions on how to proceed. A valid Membership is required for all players. Generally, a group of House Team players will stay together and form their own Team the following season.

We attempt to maintain accurate divisions after schedules are created. Competition is skewed when teams attempt to pick-up players from other teams, when those players are often high-quality players. Many times, if those players were on the roster prior to the game, that team may be placed in a higher division. However, if the opposing team ok’s the pick-up player to avoid a forfeit, improve competition, or for whatever the reason…the game is legitimate.

Click here or visit one of our locations, or call 518-438-3131 to REGISTER and pay in person.

If your team requested all Monday games…and another team in your division requested all Tuesday games…we are obviously not able to honor each team’s request fully. We do our best to honor all requests; however our general rule is that we will only accept 1 request per team and requests are NOT GUARANTEED.

We can only honor CAPTAIN’S requests for his/her team. Multiple players, playing on multiple teams, make it near impossible to work around individual player’s requests. All requests should be emailed to afrimsports@gmail.com and must be on file before the start of each session. The earlier you submit your requests, the greater chance there is we can honor them. Requesting all early games is impossible as most teams that play here prefer early games. When we do a schedule, we analyze it to ensure a fair balance of times, etc. to all teams. We do our best to accommodate all requests but understand there are limitations to some requests.

We do just the first week schedule initially for a number of reasons. One reason is to evaluate teams and make sure they are in the right division before doing a full-season schedule. The second reason is to make sure teams are committed to the league before we include them in a full schedule. Thirdly, we want to allow that extra week for any teams that missed the deadline for whom we may allow to join late.

When we release the schedule for a league, it is pretty close to being set in stone but usually there could be slight movements with game times. If your schedule is published, we will e-mail your entire team to inform them of the change. If you or your team is not set up with our SportsIT system, you will not receive game reminders and will be out of the loop of changes. It is your responsibility to get set up with SportsIT, if your team is not, you will be unaware of these notices.

Sessions are 8 games. Often, teams will have one “bye” (off) week during the regular season if there are an odd number of teams, etc. If you have a “bye” week, you will not see a game scheduled that week. Sometimes, it may be the first week of the season.

If your team withdraws after the 1st week schedule has been posted, you will forfeit the $200 deposit. This is because we’ve spent considerable time doing the schedule and in many cases, have turned away other teams for capacity or deadline. If your team withdraws after playing X number of games, you will forfeit the $200 deposit AND pay the pro-rated amount per game that you were scheduled for up until your withdrawal. In all cases, any refund amount will be issued as a credit to the captain.

Scheduling Policy

We understand that there are times in the course of a season when a team may need to make a schedule request due to other commitments, including holiday, outdoor games, or tournaments.  While we can never guarantee to fulfill a request, Afrims Sports management WILL DO OUR BEST to honor all reasonable requests.  However, to ensure fairness and ease in scheduling to all teams within your division, all requests must be submitted, at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the league.  Any requests received after this time will be honored at the discretion of management.  Also, requests DO NOT carry over from session to session and must be resubmitted at the time of registration.

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